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Koyker Front End Loader   

The most versatile attachment for your tractor would be a front end loader. The ability to lift, pry, pull, and push will increase the number of uses for your tractor. We offer high quality Koyker front end Loaders at discount prices. We prefer Koyker loaders because these MADE IN AMERICA loaders offer extremely high quality at a reasonable price, and they have been manufacturing rugged front end loaders for over 40 years. Koyker manufactures mounting kits to fit all of the large domestic brands as well as many import tractor models. With front end loader models to fit tractor sizes from 14 to 180 hp. Koyker has kept there prices very reasonable even with the current steel price increases. We discount the price of our loaders and pass the saving on to you. Shop and compare. We can ship one right to your door from the factory in South Dakota. One thing we do offer that most of our competitors do not is a call in help line. We have installed many Koyker front end loaders in our shop and we can help with any questions you have about installing your new loader. Take a look at our installation guide for a brief description of a typical loader installation. We are an authorized Koyker dealer and you can check us out yourself at www.koykermfg.com. We are listed on there dealer Links page, and we are a top ten selling Koyker dealer.

Koyker loaders are a direct bolt on package for your tractor. You will not have to saw cut drill or modify the tractor or the mounts to install a Koyker loader. The loader mounts are manufactured to fit your model tractor and no modification will be necessary Koyker mounts each specific loader at the factory before they sell there mounts to the public. Don't be fooled by the cheap loaders that fit many models. These loaders have been reported to take as many as 40 man hours of further modifications before they can be bolted on to the tractor. They have not been engineered for specific tractor models and could be dangerous to operate after homeowner modifications have been made to make them fit the tractor.

 Every model Koyker front end loader from the model 50 to the model 600 quick attach allowing you to be able to remove it from the tractor quickly. The front end loader will come with its own storage stand that aids in the removal and installation process. A Koyker front end Loader can be purchased with a single joystick control for easier one handed operation, or the standard dual handled control valve. You can have your loader painted one of eleven standard colors at no extra charge.  Koyker offers front end loaders to fit a range of tractors from 14 to 180 hp. Click here to see if your tractor is listed as one of the hundreds of tractor models That Koyker makes front end loaders for click on Front end loader mounts.  If more that one loader model is listed to fit your tractor, click here to see the differences between loaders models loader specifications. If Koyker does not offer a loader mount for your tractor we can get you a mounting starter kit. This kit will require some metal fabrication and welding, but if you want a front end loader for your tractor and no one makes a mount to fit it, this could be a great time saver. Koyker can fit your 14-35hp. tractor with a starter mounting kit. Go to our Mounting starter kit specifications page to see what kit will best fit your tractor. Koyker Loaders from the model 210 and up also come with a quick disconnect bucket. This option allows easy changes from a bucket to other attachments like a set of pallet forks, or a hay bale spear. Click here to see the Koyker front end loader bucket options.

We discount the price of our front end loaders ( complete ). They include front loader, mounting  bracket, bucket, mounting kit specific to your tractor, hose kit ( in some applications the hose kit is not available ), and control valve as well as all of the nut bolts and washers. We include everything needed to mount a Koyker loader to your tractor. Loader prices range  from 3000.00 up to $10,000.00 depending on the size and type of tractor. Please fill out our loader price quote page for a  specific quote on a front end loader.

  Please click on the front end loader mount link, at the bottom of the page, for tractor models that Koyker makes loaders for. Some tractor models may not be listed. Koyker will not list a tractor unless they have mounted a front end loader on that specific model at their factory. If you have a tractor that you know is similar to one that is listed, let us check and see if we might be able to use the loader mount for that similar tractor on yours. Koyker also makes special front end loader valves for cab tractors that leave the valve and hoses outside of the cab. A cable controlled joystick is the only mechanical item in the cab. If Koyker does not make loader mounts to fit your tractor another option may be to use a starter mounting kit and finish the fabrication yourself. This starter kit will save hours of fabrication time, and in some cases my be your only choice for front end loader installation. Click here to see the starter mount that Koyker offers Starter Mounting kit. Two types of control valves are offered, a two handled valve and a single joystick control valve. Koyker can also color match your front end loader, they offer most of the large manufacturers colors.        

Used loaders-  We do not offer used front end loaders. The fact is that of the hundreds of front end loader mounts Koyker has to design, to fit the hundreds of tractor models that are out in the field being used, trying to find a used loader to fit your specific model tractor is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Not impossible but very improbable. For this reason we do not have them so please do not ask.   

   Please take the time to look and see what loaders are available to fit your tractor model front end loaders. I keep getting requests from people who pick out a loader model that will not fit there tractor. Front end loaders for the most part are not interchangeable that is why Koyker manufactures 20 different models. The loaders are sized to the tractor that it is going to be mounted on. Koyker takes into account that a specific model tractor is only capable of holding a limited amount of weight on its front axel. This is why Koyker has so many sizes. If your tractor is only capable of supporting 800lbs on its front axel, it would give very little load capacity if the loader itself weighed in at 750lbs. leaving only 50 lbs before the front axel is overloaded. Please take this into account if there are more than one loader size available for your model tractor. This is a case when bigger indeed may not be better.

Koyker loaders are built to order from Sioux Falls S.D. These front end loaders represent American made quality and pride of workmanship. We can have your front end loader painted to match your tractor in many applications. Click on the front end loader mount link below to see the tractors that Koyker makes front end loaders for.

 Front End Loader Mounts check here to see if Koyker offers a loader for your tractor.