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Rotary Cutters (Bush Hog, Finish Mowers)

     We offer a full line of rotary cutters designed from the ground up for small compact tractors. We can get you mowing weather you need  to cut down an over grown pasture or field, or maintain that manicured front lawn. We have rotary cutters in three different series from economy to commercial duty. We even have a brush hog mounted on four wheels to eliminate scalping of the ground when mowing on uneven surfaces. The wheels are adjustable for      varying mowing heights. Listed below are the various model  with prices.                

  Razor Cutters

All of the Razor cutters come with these standard features.

All cutters come with 2 heat treated, free swinging blades.

Half inch thick blade carriers.

Round carriers have placing for four blades.

oval blade carriers have placing for two blades.

All cutters come with 40 Hp gear boxes.

RM4 4' RAZOR SOLID OVAL 14 GAUGE 328 lbs.            
RM4L 4' RAZOR LAMINATED OVAL 14 GAUGE 305 lbs.             
RM5 5' RAZOR SOLID OVAL 14 GAUGE 412 lbs.             
RM5L 5' RAZOR LAMINATED OVAL 14 GAUGE 375 lbs.            
RM6  6' RAZOR LAMINATED ROUND 12 GAUGE 375 lbs.             

The scorpion rotary cutter

  Here it is the Scorpion rotary cutter. This revolutionary new cutter has a flexible hitch that allows the cutter to float on wheels over uneven surfaces like a finish mower, but this one is made for those tuff field cutting applications. Like a finish mower the wheels are adjustable for varying cutting heights. The four wheel system helps to avoid scalping when mowing over uneven surfaces. all of the scorpions have solid gauge wheels and half inch blade carriers. a 40 hp gear box is standard.

Model Size # of Blades Deck Gauge Weight Price
SCP4 4' 2 14 325  
SCP5 5' 2 12 415  
SCP6 6' 2 11 525  
SCP4B 4' 4 14 375  
SCP5B 5' 4 12 450  
SCP6B 6' 4 11 530  


  Spider Finish Mower

The Spider finish mowers come equipped with standard equipment like 4 gauge wheels, easy height adjustment just pull one pin to raise or lower. cutting heights from 2 to 9" for various applications. A single belt runs the blades. The spider features a rear discharge and a 40 hp gearbox.

SPD48 48" 12 2-24" B81  
SPD60 60" 12 3-20" B120  
SPD72 72" 11 3-24" B133  

Pegasus Finish Mowers

New to the market the Pegasus line of finish mowers. This mower has a two belt design for less slippage and easy service. equipped with three cutting blades.

Model Width Price
FM480 48"  
FM600 60"  
FM720 72"