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At Stormer-Tractors.com all of the used Mitsubishi compact tractors that we offer for sale are inspected and reconditioned by us at our yard. We mainly import the "50" series D models in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. We like these compact tractors for their 4cyl. diesel engines that run smooth and quiet when compared to a 3CYL. tractor with comparable horse power.  All of our Mitsubishi used compact tractors can be fitted with a  Koyker Loader and backhoe. The D series tractors are the oldest gray market tractors being imported into the US and The MT series are the newest offerings from Japan. Mitsubishi has built everything from Ships to airplanes and Is a very respected company in the world market. We have stepped up our imports of Mitsubishi tractors. We feel they offer the best value in all of the Japanese gray market offerings. If you compare prices by hp the Mitsubishi tractors will offer great saving as compared to other import manufacturers like Yanmar. The unbelievable thing about these compact tractors is that you can get a small 16hp tractor with a 4 cylinder engine, no other manufacturer that we know of offers a 4 cylinder in that small of a  compact tractor. Give us a call and let us compare your best deal with one of ours. We feel that the quality and price of these Mitsubishi tractors cannot be beat. Click on the model number below to see a representative tractor of that type. If you would like to contact us about a tractor you can call us at 910-279-7200, or email us on our contact page. See the specifications for the popular Mitsubishi tractor Models.

 We now stock Air fuel and oil filters for compact tractors. Check out our compact tractor filter page Tractor filters



S/S- SHUTTLE SHIFT- Allows for quick forward to reverse shifting.

                       Mitsubishi Tractors

MODEL DRIVE HP CYL. Tractor Tractor with front end loader COMMENT  
D1450fd 4 17 4     sold
D1550fd 4 18 4     sold
D1650FD 4 19 4     sold
D1650 2 19 4     sold
D1850fd 4 22 4     sold
D1850FD 4 22 4     sold
D1850 2 22 4     sold
D2050FD 4 24 4     sold
D2050 2 24 4     sold
D2050 2 24 4      sold
D2350FD 4 28 4     sold
D2350 2 28 4     sold
D2350 2 28 4     sold
D2650FD 4 31 4     sold
D2650 2 31 4     sold
D2650 2 31 4     sold
D2650 2 31 4     sold
D3250FD 4 38 4     sold
MT15D 4 18 3     sold
MT1601d 4 19 3 3200.00   sold
MT18D 4 22 3     sold
m2001d 4 24 3 3500.00   suzue
MT23d 4 28 3     sold
MT26d 4 31 4 5500.00 Sale shuttle shift
MTE1800d 4 22 3     SOLD
MTE2000d 4 24 3     sold
MT2201 4 26 4     Sold
MT2501D 3 30 4     sold
MT2801D 4 34 4 6500.00 9000.00 sold
MT3201D 4 38 4     sold
MT4201 4 50 4     sold

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Please call us for a list of our current inventory.