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Koyker Front End Loader - Kioti Tractors

    Here are the Kioti tractor models that Koyker makes front end loader mounts for. For other tractor manufacturers that Koyker manufactures mounts for click here Front End Loader Mounts. Listed with the tractor models below are the front end loader models that will fit your specific tractor. Click below to get a price quote from us. If Koyker offers more than one model front end loader then you need to give us a call and let us help you pick out the model loader that will work best for the application in which you plan to use it. Koyker front end loaders come equipped with a self storing parking stand that will aid in the installation and removal of the loader from the tractor. The parking stand was designed to hold the front end loader upright so that you can drive your Kioti tractor out from under it and when the time comes to reinstall the loader  you can simply drive back under it and hook it up again. You can order a Koyker front end loader with a single joystick control or a two handled control valve. All Koyker front end loaders from the model 210 up also come with a quick detach bucket to make changing from a bucket to options like a hay bale spear or pallet forks a snap.

Click here to see the Koyker front end loader bucket options bucket options

Click here for Koyker front end loader specifications and lift capacities   Koyker loader specs.

Click here to get a price quote on a Koyker loader for your tractor.

Tractor Model                  Loader model

CK20                                 80

CK25                                 125

CK30                                 125

DK35                                 145-155

DK40                                 155-180-220

DK45                                 180-220-235

DK50                                 180-220-235

DK55                                 180-235

DK65                                 245

DK65C, S                           245

LB1914                              155

LK2552                              140-155-160

LK2554                              140-155-160

LK3052                              140-155-160

LK3054                              155-160

LK3504                              140-155-160

430                                   160