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Box Blades, Scraper Blades, and Landscape Rakes

  We can offer you several types of earth leveling equipment to work with your compact tractor. If you need a scraper or box blade we have them in two grades to suit your budget. They are available from 4 to 7 feet in width. To help you with that fall clean up we also can fit your compact tractor with a landscape rake in widths from 5 to 7 feet in width. listed below are the specifications and price for the various implements that we offer.

Economy box scrape

The economy box blade was designed for the budget minded consumer. It has a replaceable weld on blade with three different ripper heights held on with a pull out pin. The prices and description are listed below.

CBB400 170 4'  
CBB500 255 5'  
CBB600 265 6'  

Dragon Box Blade

  The dragon box blade built with quality materials and expert workmanship stands out above the rest of the pack. The dragon box blade is designed to give maximum scraping action with minimum side leakage. Both front and rear blades are 1/2" x 6" forged steel reversible for double wear ( 4' box only has one blade).

Model Tread Width Price
BB480 4'  
BB600 5'  
BB720 6'  
BB840 7'  

Economy Blades


Designed with price in mind the economy blade offers good value for the money. It is designed for forward scraping and backfilling with the ability to reset the angle quickly or reverse the blade with a single pin.

Model width price
CSB4 4'  
CSB6 5'  
CSB5 6'  

 J Series angle Blade   


The J series blades are excellent all around landscaping blades. They come standard with reversible bolt on cutting edges. The six tilt positions make them excellent implements for ditching and trenching. The six forward and reverse angle positions can be used for forward scraping or backfilling.

Model Width Price
SB6 6'  
SB7 7'  


The landscape rake is ideal for all types of landscaping needs, rock raking, branch moving, leave removal and home landscaping. The tines are manufactured from high carbon steel, heat treated and tempered to give a strong positive rake action as well as long life. The rake rotates 360 degrees for different angle positions.

Model width Price  
R-60 5'    
R-72 6'    
R-84 8'